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wheres the game

i know what this was when i got it but the game would be fantastic on here! a lot of people like me would love A&A minis for an app.!!!


Make it a game now or I will give a 1 star rating!!!!!!!

Please make A&A game app!

All we have are risk clones when will the real shady please stand up and make Axis and Allies game app (not just the calculator or info cards). It can be solo or even turn by turn, ie sending your turn online for next player. Like people used to play over email. I'd pay $10 for this, no worries!

Very nice but only for land game.

I would give it five stars but it's only for the land version. Where are my ships?

This is not a game!!!

If you like to play axis and allies, then this app can assist you while playing, and it does its job. It is not clear however from the description that this app, in and of itself is not actually a game. :( too bad, I purchased it thinking it was the game. I gave it 3 stars because if you play A&AA, you can use this app but the description is misleading.

How good it is

This is 1 of my best apps I have imean it is better than all the other crap it is good very good hope u liked my movies!!!

Axis & Allies Miniatures

A great little app for wargamers playing Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast's "Axis & Allies Miniatures". And, it's free! Pros: 1) It allows you to search for units by set # (e.g., "D-Day") or by nationality (e.g., "Germany"). 2) It allows the easy addition of selected cards to a "hand", for easy browsing during a game; you can add your opponent's cards to this hand, too. 3) It lists all the stats, including the full text for that unit's special abilities. 4) It incorporates the official errata for certain special abilites, like "flamethrower", "angriff", and "blast". 5) Fast and accurate. Cons: 1) Doesn't yet include the stats or special abilities from the "revised" cards (in defense of the app's developer, these were just released in September, probably after submission to Apple for app review). This should be easy to update in future revisions. 2) It is not an army builder. It keeps track of a collection of single cards, but not of multiple units per card and not of total points in the selected hand. It doesn't seem meant to be an army builder, so this is more of an observation than a design defect. 3) Can't finger-swipe left or right to advance the cards. Swiping up or down works as expected to read cards with long special abilities, like the M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight". 4) Doesn't roll more 6's for me. Overall, a worthwhile application - give it a spin!



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